Sunday 19th September 2021
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Become a TriBourne Ambassador and you could be racing for free.

We would like to invite you to help us spread the word about our events (Eastbourne Triathlon, IronBourne, 255 Triathlon and Brighton & Hove Triathlon). In exchange, you will be rewarded with free, or significantly discounted entries to our events.

All you need to do as an event ambassador is simply share unique links to our event websites. Whenever anyone enters an event via the links you share, you will earn credit worth 20% of the entry fee they paid. These credits can then be redeemed as payment for our future events*.

To show you how easy it is to earn free race entries, look at the following examples:

Example 1:
Share your link to the 255 Triathlon website. If just one person enters via your link (paying £360), you will earn £72 credit. This is enough credit to get you a free entry for Eastbourne Sprint Triathlon (and you’ll still have £7 credit left for another event).

Example 2:
Share your link to the IronBourne website. Two people enter via your link (paying £310 each), and you will earn £124 credit.

Example 3:
Share your link to the Eastbourne Triathlon website. Five people enter the standard distance race via your link (paying £87 each), and you will earn £87 credit (enough for a free standard distance entry for yourself).

You can get started right now; here are your unique ambassador referral links:

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Here are some ideas to get you started:


We're also offering £25 credit to anyone who volunteers at any of our events. If you’re not racing and can help, please let us know.


If you have a significant social media following in the triathlon community, please contact us to discuss additional options.

We’re confident that once you have experienced one of our events, you’ll be proud to call yourself a TriBourne Ambassador.

How it works:
When someone clicks your unique link, a cookie will be set on their browser for 30 days. Provided they enter from the same device on which the cookie was set and within 30 days, you will be credited with the referral. If a second ambassador refers the same person within the 30 days, your original cookie will remain (i.e., the first ambassador to refer someone receives the credit).

* Credit is valid for any event taking place in the same year as the date when it was earned or any event in the following year.